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Agelec certified products


AGELEC certified
PB Series

The Pan Beam Series has been designed for environments with difficult acoustics. The specificity of these high-end sound columns is to maintain the volume at a constant level among a large audience. This characteristic signifies that the proximity of a speaker is not anymore a synonym of accoustic pressure, usually high and unpleasant. In case of  important distance, the listening level stays consistent, with quality.

AGELEC certified
The MAV Plus Series

The MAV Plus Series gathers AV audio stereo  matrix switchers able to switch asymetric and symetric audio signals. Available in several sizes, ranging from 8×8 up to 64 64, it is HDTV compliant and also accept composite video, S-Video (Y/C) with or without audio.

AGELEC certified

Figaro™ is an innovative audio system that replaces traditional speakers using numerous materials including plaster,wood, glass, composite materials, plexiglas, aluminium, metal, etc. to create high quality speakers. Figaro™ has also the capacity to create stereo effect and a surround 5.1 sound and can be used on any kind of surface : walls, ceilings and all open space environments.

AGELEC certified
PB-S 208

The PB-S 208 is a high-end subwooder for Pan Beam active digital column speakers. This product provides a very significant focalization of low frequencies, even at high levels.

AGELEC certified

The VM-10xl is an amplifier/distributor 1 :10 high performance of brodcast quality for composite or SDI signals, asymetric or mono symetric audio stereo. It provides tuning for compensate losses due to high length cables.

AGELEC certified
Ottone Audio System

Ottone is a revolutionary visible audio system that can transform any surface to which it is fixed into a speaker.  Boards, consoles, furniture components can become speakrs with high quality diffusion.  It can be used on shop windows, in malls, to broadcast audio messages to the public or install a sound system in outdoor, avoiding bulky standard external speakers.

AGELEC certified
MixxMaker ARX

The ARX MixxMaker is a high-end multicanal audio mixer with bluetooth connection, USB, mini-jack inputs, 2 Line/Micro inputs, 2 stereo inputs, and left/right master level control as well as a mono auxiliary output with independant sound settings.