Display for decision-making

the live images

Making a decision in a sensitive, sometimes even a critical situation requires confidence and agility. And that’s what the control rooms we equip do: they improve the operators’ confidence thanks to the clear, reliable information selected for display, thanks to the speed of access to the predefined scenarios, and thanks to the integrity of the content delivered.

By combining various functionalities and technologies, we guarantee operators the best possible understanding and control of the contexts they supervise.

This is our way of being true to the operational empathy that drives us: we adapt the service to maximise relevance and comfort.

Control & supervision rooms, operation centres

Greater ease in controlling the live situation and making relevant decisions collaboratively.

Training and simulation rooms

Responding to higher levels of expectation and required sophistication.

Situation rooms

Anticipate the worst situations through exchanges of information that enable better preparation and management.

Specific solutions

Supervision of mobile assets, joint medical diagnostics, etc. Audiovisual technologies support emerging applications.

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