A unique combination: smart control & technologies

Our team of architects-integrators combines user-friendly display control with the latest hardware technologies to offer scalable and adaptable solutions that are enriched with new features every year.

Agelec is the recognised French pioneer of this software/hardware integration. We created, for instance, the first all-in-one controller on a web-based interface. Our equipment has the reputation of being among the most robust on the market.


Smart control

Smart management from acquisition to display

AGC Wall is the video controller developed by AGELEC, recognised for more than 10 years in the market as the benchmark for high-constraint environments. AGC Wall is a complete hardware-software package that adapts to each user’s needs. It simplifies the architecture of your audiovisual solutions by delivering flexibility, power and scalability.


External Smart control

AGC Wall provides software and network interfaces to drive the entire solution via an external hypervisor or VSM. These plugins offer advanced features for managing a video wall in a complex environment – for instance directly from the Genetec and Milestone interfaces.


An intuitive platform for shared, relevant management

The AGC Web platform enables you to manage your entire environment in Web server mode, accessible remotely via any browser. This interface lets you control the video wall with a simple “programmed” button or by “drag & drop”. You have your entire audiovisual system at your fingertips: acquisition, display, control, sound, video and any other functionality you may wish to add.

“Remote controls” for complete mastery of images

AGC Control (a tablet-based remote control) and AGC Dock (a touch wall remote control) give each user the means to control the display and sources – intuitively and quickly. Each interface is ergonomically adapted to the solution’s operational environment and applications.

Smart technologies


Mastering the acquisition of video and audio sources, whatever the context and the requirements:

    • Acquisition cards
    • Architectural solutions (table-top box)
    • Encoding
    • Network


Video & audio, optimising the availability of streams while preserving the integrity of the content:

    • Video or audio extenders
    • Video or audio matrix
    • Video or audio distributors


Manage the sharing and distribution of video or audio content:

    • Video controller
    • Mosaic
    • Mixing console

KVM (Keyboard, Video Mouse) 

Bespoke architecture to concentrate then extend & share the management of an ever-increasing number of physical or virtualised PCs:

    • Physical KVM matrixing
    • KVM over IP matrixing
    • KVM over IP multi-window


Technological choices that adapt to the application and the investment:

    • LCD screen
    • Direct LED
    • Projector
    • Decoding
    • Speakers
    • Amplifier


Solution customised to the application, with the appropriate control interface:

    • Tablet
    • Touchscreen table
    • Domotics
    • Automation