Smart Display Agility

Smart systems

Take control of images and be surprised by new experiences.
At Agelec, people are in charge. We bend the audiovisual system to our will and operational needs.

It’s a promise we can keep because we’re not tied to any particular technique, equipment manufacturer or short-term vision. And because our software drives an unprecedented combination of technologies – making them open and evolving over time.

We can also promise you this because it’s something we enjoy: listening to our systems’ future users, co-designing our solutions with them, anticipating their practices, etc. This is what makes our work meaningful.

Smart people

They say Agelec is France’s oldest startup… This does come to mind when you witness the team’s mindset and creativity. Our founders, who tamed the video signal for France’s public radio & TV agency ORTF and perfected military radars, have left us this legacy. Today, the story continues for us, the lucky successors, as we lead the way in decision and emotion-based display.

We like to invent, be inspired by new practices, galvanised by technological challenges. We like to be useful. To contribute to the mobility of the 21st century, to public safety, to health, and to the development of collective intelligence within companies.

Display technologies

Our team of architects-integrators and our R&D labs innovate on many fronts: multiplying sources and acquisition channels, virtualising data streams and distributing scalable volumes across multiple sites, making interfaces more interactive and user-friendly, delivering real-time information, displaying on the move, etc. Hand in hand with our business partners, we create new uses by daring to reconcile objectives that can be contradictory: security and flexibility, robustness and agility, sophistication and simplicity.

Our leitmotiv: to support you until the service becomes simple and intuitive.

  • Open, easily scalable architecture
  • Combinations of all acquisition technologies, whether physical (HDMI, DVI, DP, SDI, VGA, etc.), IP (camera streams, dedicated secure networks or internal networks) or even from virtual machines.
  • First software on the market accessible on a web browser
  • Optimised stream distribution as a decision-making and analysis tool or for dynamic sharing
  • Integrity of live images (latency control)
  • Remote control; content sharing
  • Intuitive interfaces, customised to the specific uses
  • Recording and automation
  • Sound and effects control


Our organisation, working alongside the project managers, focuses on the users and their expectations. Agility is a mindset: we’re available, responsive and precise:

Our five phases of support:


Co-construction of the services (operational empathy)

Architecture (preliminary design of the solution, engineering, ergonomics)

Equipment & integration (technologies & software)

Installation & training

Maintenance & evolution

4 operational departments


System Engineering

Software Development

Services & Maintenance

Available on all five continents

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