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Agelec certified products


AGELEC certified

Developed by AGELEC and dedicated to 24/7 operating, the AGCWall is a powerful video control unit for videowalls, offering an outstanding display quality. The AGCWall ensures hardware physical capture and control for up to a hundred of inputs to create interactive and dynamic environments. All input standards are accepted (HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, IP…). Thanks to these captures, the AGCWall provides a real time display for greater security and efficiency in the use of the videowall.

AGELEC certified

Developed by AGELEC and dedicated to 24/7 operating, the AGCWall-IP is a powerful video control unit that ensures physical  capture of inputs and data over IP network such as camera streams or other sources. This ‘’ All IP’’ video controller works with a hardware decoding of Full HD IP streams withtout any software modification. The AGCWall-IP provides display fluidity without latency and a power that gives potential for growing performances in the use of videowalls.

AGELEC certified

The Mediawall videowall Controller is a multi-screen processor for highly secured environments dedicated to 24/7 operating. It doesn’t need any software and offers a real time display of up to 60 graphic and/or video inputs and 12 outputs. Control is made via USB, RS-232 or Ethernet port.

AGELEC certified

The Quadview & Superview multiwindowing systems provide a display of 4 to 8 inputs on a screen. Thanks to real time processing, outstanding picture quality and its unique functions, those multiviewers are perfect for strategical applications requiring display of multiple images on one monitor or projection screen.

AGELEC certified

The mini graphic controller X4 provides display of one DVI/HDMI input accros 4 independant screens with DVI/VGA connectors. The cropping of different areas freely defined by the user, is perfectly rendered on the four screens, whatever the input resolution (source) and the ouput resolution of the screens.  The input can be duplicated on each of the 4 screens, cut in 4 or displayed as one big image across all the monitors.