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Agelec certified products


AGELEC certified
Draco Compact

The KVM Draco COMPACT extender systems provide video signals transmission for up to 140m on CAT5e cables. Thanks to the implementation of a sophisticated compression algorithm, the rendering of HD videos is performed without latency or jerks. Those KVM extenders support DVI signals transmission in 1920*1200 as well as HID-USB (keyboard/mouse). Options such as USB 2.0, analog or digital audio (SPDIF) and RS232 are available.

AGELEC certified
Draco Vario

The Draco Vario HDMI transmitter modules (CPU) over Catx provide lossless video signals transmission for up to 140m with high resolution video quality transmission (hdmi, USB 1.0/2.0, analog or digital audio). The Vario family  (modular) combines all the basic and option modules in cases of 2,4, 6 units  or in backplanes that can receive up to 21 cards. A redundant power supply option is also available.

AGELEC certified
Draco Tera Compact

The KVM Tera Compact matrix  with up to 80 ports, offers all possible configurations as each port can be server or console. Besides, the transparent USB 2.0 is using the same port as the DVI thanks to specific extenders. For instance, a configuration of 16 users with 32 devices all in USB 2.0, only requires 48 ports.