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Agelec certified products


AGELEC certified
DSX 264

RGB Spectrum DSx™ 264 codecs are using advanced H.264 compression to provide stunning picture quality and new functions dedicated to video and picture streaming over IP networks. The DSx 264 box includes HD recording features. It is designed for training applications, CCTV, debriefing in certain sectors : public services, energy, process control, security.

AGELEC certified
Dgy Series

The JPEG2000 DGy™ codecs family provide recording, transmission and broadcast of pictures and videos up to a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. Thanks to JPEG2000 compression technology, the codecs perform lossless digital broadcast and HD recording. The DGy is designed for strategical applications such as simulation, debriefing, training, command & control, and missiles tests.

AGELEC certified
Maevex 5100 series

Maevec is a Matrox solution of video streaming over IP that extends 1080p audio & video signals over a standard IP network. The encoder captures the audio & video signals from a host computer or another multimedia source and extend them in a transparent way towards one or several decoders using standard network equipments such as switchers, routers or CATx wiring.