Pioneers in the audiovisual engineering, experts in video signal processing for over 50 years , we are at the forefront of innovation in the architecture of multimedia high -end solutions.


A customer-centric Knowhow

Agelec has always developed and customized its solutions to meet each of its client’s requirements. Understand, grasp, describe, personalize, specify, develop, test, improve : such is the expertise of Agelec in a technological field that requires more and more creativity, precision and fine analysis of the interfaces. Our mission : in the face of increasingly  targeted and refined needs, offering you the best & lasting audiovisual quality ever.  


Room Layout and Impact Studies

Seeking to optimize your professional environment?

In order to improve the comfort of your operators, Efficiency of your collaborative processes, the security of your information systems, your display impact, entrust your needs to an expert.

Agelec will help you in your choices Throughout egornomic & room layout studies as well as technological surveillance.


Do you wish to create a control room or a more efficient multimedia display area ? Do you need a specific equipment ?

Your demanding challenges leave no space for improvisation : using audiovisual solutions in complex and challenging situations is first a question of mastering the signal performance and its processing.

Agelec examines with you and for you the best technical and functional choices, evaluating your studies and offering you customized  products or solutions in line with your constraints  and objectives.

Customized software development

Are you looking for a better way to control your audiovisual environment ?

To optimize and develop your operational efficiency, choose the proficiency of a software that masters all video/audio streams and input types : user-friendliness, remote control, security, access authorization, control of various devices,…

Agelec internaly develops its own Software series for control of professional graphic cards and user interfaces : a perfectly mastered solution matching your high expectations.

Adapted maintenance & services

Does the performance of a professional audiovisual solution rely on the quality of its service, maintenance and warranty included ?

Professional multimedia solutions require personalized and adapted services, capable to meet your technical, operationnal and organisational objectives on the long run. Sollicit an expert with a range of services extending to technological surveillance, management of software and hardware configurations, dedicated maintenance and management of obsolescence.

Agelec integrates a  strict maintenance& warranty service to its audiovisual solutions, that are handled in close collaboration with its network of skilled partners.