Pioneers in the audiovisual engineering, experts in video signal processing for over 50 years , we are at the forefront of innovation in the architecture of multimedia high -end solutions.


Our Partners

Agelec has chosen to collaborate with professional AV specialists to bring you constantly more efficient and reliable solutions :


Logo Acoudesign - AGELECACOUDESIGN develops customized solutions for accoustic processing featuring three categories :  diagnosis tools (measure softwares), correction tools ( Acoumodule panels, technical foam…and audio diffusion tools (ESARC Figaro/Ottone allowing magnetostrictive sound diffusion by solid conduction transforming each rigid surface into hi-fi speakers). The company operates in transport, construction industry….and equips mutlimedia rooms, showrooms, control rooms…


Logo Datapath - AGELECDATAPATH is a british company founded in 1982 and specialized in the development of multi-sources video streams management systems for videowalls and multi-screens display solutions.  The company is designing hardware solutions (video/graphic acquisition boards, video controllers for videowalls…). Datapath has become one of the global leader in the supply of videowall technology for control rooms..


Logo Conrac - AGELECDATA MODUL designs and manufactures Conrac LCD screens dynamic outdoor/indoor information systems  for airports, railway stations and public places. The company offers customized solutions such high performance 24/7 screens & display systems for naval,rail, medical control and for fixed and embedded military applications. The last range of ultra narrow borders LCD monitors is dedicated to control rooms.


Logo Extron - AGELECSince 1983, EXTRON has been developing innovative AV solutions for a global yet challenging and diversified market. The company designs and manufacture AV components that work together to convert, switch and stream signals, and  also control complete systems from a single interface. Extron products allow efficient communication in various presentation environments such as classrooms, conference rooms, places of worship, amphitheaters and control centers..


Logo IHSE - AGELECFor over 30 years, IHSE has been developing high-tech KVM solutions meeting global needs. The KVM technology allows remote switching, bi-directional extension and conversion of primary digital signals including DVI, HDMI, Display Port, 4K, digital audio and USB. IHSE designs and manufacture a wide range of switchers and KVM extenders ensuring lossless visual transmission of the signal.


Logo Matrox - AGELECMATROX is one of the main manufacturers of ASIC, boards, high-end softwares and devices renowned for their durability.  Thanks to internal design expertise and dedicated customer support, Matrox Products provide captures, extensions, broadcasts and display of outstanding quality. Matrox has been developing high-end products since 1976 and its technology is popular among Professionals and partners all around the world. .


Logo Mitsubishi Electric - AGELECMITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, global leader in production & sale of electric and electronic equipment offers a wide range of material dedicated to video display including retro-projection cubes (DLP with standard lamps or LED technology) and borderless monitors for the conception of systems like videowalls for control rooms and sectors such as Energy, Transport, Telecom…


Logo Nexee - AGELECNEXEE is specialized in the design and supply of specific furniture for the market of control rooms and operational centers. NEXEE operates in strategic and sensitive sectors that are using high technologies, in particular the ones linked to supervision (Security, Defense, Emergency, Transport, Finance, Energy, Industry, Environment, Aeronautics, Industry, Environment, Finance, Telecommunications).                                   


Logo Nec Display - AGELECNEC DISPLAY, Leader on the Professional LCD screens &  Videoprojection market, NEC DISPLAY is developing complete and efficient display solutions providing flawless image quality. NEC offers high-end borderless LCD monitors combining sturdiness & durability to create innovative videowalls for operational rooms.


Logo SOA - AGELECSOA brings you its expertise in ergonomics and interior architecture providing customized layout & design solutions of your working spaces. S.O.A makes its knowhow available to you in order to create furnitures and consoles including technical furnitures for computer integration,  additional furniture, 24/7 chairs…


RGB-Spectrum_logoRGB SPECTRUM is a leading US designer and manufacturer of innovative solutions for the display, recording, and secured transmission of computer and video signals within control rooms.  RGB Spectrum video/graphic processors and multiviewers,as well as HD recording codecs are widely used in various sectors such as Industry, Defense, Medical, Education and military markets across the world.